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Our real estate lawyers have a wealth of experience and expertise in handling a wide array of real estate matters, from basic home purchases to complex real estate litigation cases, Guardian Law lawyers can help you with residential and commercial real estate, development projects, conveyancing, mortgage lending and other forms of financing, and real estate litigation.

Our lawyers work with a variety of clients on issues related to real estate litigation. Real estate law in British Columbia applies to an individual’s right to own, use and enjoy land. Both provincial and federal laws govern purchases and sales of residential real estate. In many instances, having a real estate lawyer involved from the beginning of your transaction can help you avoid litigation later on. If issues do arise at any time during your real estate transaction, Guardian Law lawyers will work with you untangle the situation.

Real estate disputes commonly arise in residential real estate sale and purchase transactions when one party cannot complete its obligations under a contract. For example, a buyer may not be able to obtain the necessary financing or otherwise remove conditions precedent, also know as subject conditions. After subject conditions are waived or removed, sometimes buyers still may decide not to complete a transaction. Sellers may also renege on contracts of purchase and sale. There are many reasons why sellers might do so, but some of the most common are to take advantage of rising property prices and obtain a higher price from another buyer. In a situation like this, a buyer may incur losses if they have already taken steps to sell their property.

Disputes can arise after transactions complete, too. This can happen when buyers discover after taking possession of property that certain conditions in the contract were not as represented or when the buyer is no longer able to use the property for the purpose it was intended for.

Whatever your real estate matter, Guardian Law lawyers work meticulously to provide you with practical advice to help you achieve your goals. If you have any legal issues or questions regarding real estate, a real estate litigation lawyer at Guardian Law can help provide you with answers whereby we will enable you to enforce your rights and remedies under contract and in common law.

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