Marriage, Separation and Cohabitation Agreements

Marriage agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements, are contracts that people make prior to getting married. They set out what will happen if the marriage ends. The agreement can include issues such as how property will be dealt with in the event of marriage breakdown. Prenuptial agreements create clear guidelines about how to deal with financial matters and can reduce time and money that would otherwise be spent in litigation.

Separation Agreements are contracts which are made when the relationship has ended and can be made between spouses or those in a common law relationship. Separation agreements deal with matters such as property division, spousal support and issues relating to children including child support and parenting obligations.

Cohabitation Agreements are contracts between two people who are planning on or are currently living together. They deal with events that may transpire when a marriage or common law relationship ends. Like prenuptial agreements, they state how property and assets will be divided, should the relationship end.


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