Custody and Guardianship

During separation or divorce, a child’s world can be turned upside down. Child guardianship cases can be very difficult and emotional; however, our lawyers will work with you to help you protect and preserve your children’s well-being, security, and safety. Involve us early in your custody, guardianship and family restructuring case to help plan and implement new, intentionally and carefully designed parenting arrangements that ensure a healthy, positive future for your children. Guardian Law can help you with every aspect of child custody, parenting time and contact arrangements.

We urge clients to be careful about agreeing to custody arrangements because once you have them on paper, it can be very difficult to change them. To learn about your rights in entering into parenting time or custody arrangements or to change parenting arrangements consult with one of our family lawyers.

Child Support

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Division of property

Understand how property and debt affect the end of a relationship


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