Strata Law

The lawyers at Guardian Law are experienced in the area of strata law, including governance, collection matters and bylaw enforcement. Our lawyers have represented condominium owners, strata corporations and property managers in a wide range of strata property law cases.

Guardian Law lawyers will help you to resolve your strata law-related claims through mediation, arbitration, or, where necessary, litigation in specific areas.

Some areas of strata law that our lawyers at Guardian Law can assist you in are:

  • The governance of a strata, including drafting of bylaws and reviewing of consulting contracts;
  • Legal needs to approve repair funding;
  • Advisement on new warranty claims — also known as “2-5-10” — and building envelope renovation warranty claims, which often requires the allocation of repair levies;
  • Recovering from developers, consultants, contractors, suppliers and municipalities the cost of repairing building envelope, mechanical, structural or electrical defects;
  • Bylaw enforcement because often legal assistance is needed to enforce rules that have been violated;
  • Options such as collections and forced sales, when monthly strata fees, fines and special levies remain unpaid; and
  • Advising purchasers of defective property regarding breach of contract claims and seller and realtor negligence.

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